The Story of The Beach Bum Lifestyle Program


Hi, I'm Christa Realba!

5 summers ago I had an idea for a wellness program that taught women simple daily rituals that empowered them to look and feel their best for LIFE!

What inspired me to make this my focus was hearing that so many women were unhappy with their physical appearance, and felt that the only choices were extreme dieting and workouts. I watched friends of mine suffer through this yo-yo weight loss and emotional rollercoaster and I wanted to show them a better way. 

I intuitively knew that you needed to love yourself first. I also realized that I had adopted some daily habits over the years that were really working for me. Once I put them to paper it became clear why I haven't had to count a calorie or carb, or stress out my body by over training!

It was allll about the simple daily rituals of self love, 6 to be exact!



The beach bum lifestyle 6 daily rituals

1. Self love - this is loving yourself enough to do the following 5 rituals, and truly checking in and honoring your female super power that whispers that divine guidance to you!

2. Hydrate your temple - drink your water! It’s so easy to do and NOT to do. Every morning when we wake we need to wake up our body by drinking water and keep that hydration going all day long!

3. Enjoy 1-2 (yummy) macronutrient smoothies each day.

4. Take your vitamins twice a day, because micro-nutrition is the foundation for feeling your best for life.

5. Eat clean, plant based and whole foods.

6. Move your body every single day in any way that feels good!



And with the support of some of the healthiest, happiest chicks I know The Beach Bum Lifestyle Program was born!

We have an incredible team of Ambassadors around the world coaching thousands of women worldwide to live the 6 {simple} daily rituals of this program. 

And this summer with growth of our global program I knew it was time to bring on a business partner to help us grow.

Meet Megan Huston!

She brings her wealth of knowledge in holistic beauty, nutrition and her vision for just how massive our community can be! 

Megan, myself and our ambassadors are dedicated to helping women everywhere create healthy habits, have a healthy body image, and like the mission of our partner company USANA Health Sciences - we are committed to creating TRUE HEALTH for life! 


So what are you waiting for?!

Get your Beach Bum kit and join this body loving movement!!!

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